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Be a Part of It With Our Very Own Domain Extension – .NYC!

.NYC — The Hottest Domain to Hit the Streets Coming Soon

Come 2013, the hottest domain is set to hit the streets of the virtual world. That’s right. From Battery Park to Central Park, from FAO Schwartz to The Plaza Hotel, you will soon be able to keep company with your most treasured NYC haunts by getting your own .NYC domain. Find your favorite NYC places, hotspots and products online, simply by using the .NYC extension — convenience, at last, at New York’s door – undeniably one of the most dynamic cities of the world.

Browse NYC Online? It’s About Time!

Think of it – soon people from around the globe will be able to get online and focus their searches specifically on businesses, products and places in NYC. The .NYC domain extension will be made available to individuals, organizations, and companies seeking a .NYC specific address.

Tired of browsing hotels.com for NYC-specific hotels? You might try hotels.nyc or motels.nyc or hostels.nyc. This new .NYC Domain will make shopping, making reservations and looking for information pertaining to New York’s nightlight, show times and culture easier and more user-friendly. Get on board and make sure to reserve your name (once the option becomes available, so check back soon!)

Whether you’ve a small or large business, there’s no denying the particular distinction you will receive with a .NYC domain. Go from a non-descript johnhats.com to johnshats.nyc. See the difference? Distinguish yourself from your competition, which may be distributed across the United States, or all around the world, by electing the .NYC Domain Extension. It will certainly add big-city appeal and excitement that only New York City can muster, to any URL.

ICANN Paves Way for New Top Level Domains in 2013

If you’ve been on the internet at all, you will instantly recognize the most common TLD’s (Top Level Domains) — com and .net, which comprise the majority of top-level domains. These two extensions just happen to be the most popular and can be found everywhere, and comprise the bulk of all current domain names — although there are new ones surging in the ranks. How did this come to pass? The administrative body that oversees all top level domains, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), recently gave the okay for countries, companies and organization to have their own top level domains. So get ready world, here comes The .NYC Domain !